Important Medicare Dates to Follow

Early October—Review and Compare Options.  If already enrolled, you will receive an ANOC letter form the carrier outlining any Annual Notice of Change to your plan, such as premium, copays, or benefits.  Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15th  – December 7th.  

Review any notices from your plan about changes for next year. To learn more about your options download Medicare and You 2016

Contact the Herbert Insurance Agency after October 1 to discuss any plan changes and options. We can discuss options then, but cannot accept any enrollment until after October 15.  As an Independent Agent, we represent the various Medicare Advantage, Supplement, and Part D carriers, so we can provide advice on which plan and carrier will suit your needs.   Before we meet, we are required by CMS to obtain a Scope of Appointment form at least 48 hours prior to our meeting.  Please complete this SOA form and return to us at least 48 hours prior to our appointment.  (put in link to SOA Form on green SOA form wording)

This is the one time of year when ALL people with Medicare can make changes to their health and prescription drug plans for the next year.

Decide: October 15 is the first day you can change your Medicare coverage for next year.

December 7—Open Enrollment Ends
In most cases, December 7 is the last day you can change your Medicare coverage for next year. The plan has to get your enrollment request (application) by December 7.  So, please contact us in early October to schedule an appointment.

January 1—Coverage Begins

Your new coverage begins if you switched to a new plan. If you stay with the same plan, any changes to coverage, benefits, or costs for the new year will begin on January 1.

Making changes to your coverage after January 1

Between January 1–February 14, if you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO), you can leave your plan and switch to Original Medicare. If you switch to Original Medicare during this period, you will have until February 14 to also join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to add drug coverage. Your coverage will begin the first day of the month after the plan gets your enrollment form.

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