Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act Subsidies

From Insurance Networking News:
By: Mike Nesper
June 25, 2015

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that subsidies used to purchase health insurance on the federally facilitated marketplace are legal. The 6-3 decision in King v. Burwell means that tax credits continue to be valid in the 34 FFM states.

Marketplace**Obamacare terminations due to missing documents

Please comply and send in any documents that are required by the Health Insurance Marketplace (aka These subsidy eligible plans often require documents such as wage statements or birth certificate, to prove your subsidy eligibility. If they do not receive it, they can terminate your health plan. Enrollments- READ !!

Looks like the carrier links that are supposed to be linked with website are not working fully at this time. So, please check of the box that "Another person is helping you complete my application", enter Michele Herbert and my NPN 3026962. I will then be tied as your agent. Once you get your rates, you can call or send me an email if you have a question before submitting the enrollment.

Health Care Log On Issues

I have noticed delays and errors with people creating accounts with over the recent weeks and days. The Government has made recent updates to the enrollment website (, and this has prompted some recently created accounts to be deactivated and/or usernames not working.

Response from Carriers Regarding VA Assembly Legislation

Anthem and Optima Health Respond to Virginia Assembly Emergency Legislation
Both Anthem and Optima Health have made the decision not to implement the General Assembly's approved legislation allowing health insurance companies the option to renew plans that do not meet ACA standards. Below are statements from each.