Health Care Law Tax Penalty Waivers: How to Claim?

Hopefully you do have health insurance, but if for some reason you did not in 2014, you may be able to file for a waiver from the ACA tax penalty. As most of those who signed up through had a lengthy process, the waiver process may be just as complicated. But, it may be worth it to give it a try. The penalty for going uninsured is not just $95 per person for 2014, but the greater of that or 1% of your household income.

2015 Open Enrollment Individual Health Plans

Open enrollment for 2015 health insurance plans runs from November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015. This is the time during which anyone, for any reason, can purchase new individual or family coverage with an effective date in 2015.
The date your 2015 coverage begins will depend upon the date you apply for the coverage, as follows:
If you apply between …
November 15, 2014 – December 15, 2014, plan starts January 1, 2015

MARKETPLACE- The new place to buy insurance

As an independent insurance broker mainly selling health insurance to individuals and small groups, just about all of my clients will be affected by the ACA (Affordable Care Act ).   I advise everyone to be patient as updates and changes seem to happen daily, and as of Sept. 15, agents still have not been given access to the new quoting tools to be used.